What is Roof Cleaning?

Roof cleaning is an increasingly popular topic, with the climate in the UK allowing moss and lichens to thrive on outdoor surfaces such as your roof, walls or patio. The surfaces affected can be worn down over time and once the moss has taken root it will increase the chances of damage to your roof.

In turn, the moss will absorb large amounts of water, which adds weight to the roof. When the moss freezes during winter, the expansion can cause the tiles to crack or fracture, resulting in loose or broken roof tiles. Cement valleys or ridge tiles are prone to coming loose with this cycle of weathering, and can require costly repairs.

Aside from damage to the roof, once moss is dislodged or falls due to wind or birds, the next stop will be your guttering. Blocked guttering is another issue that can cause leaks, and if the downpipes get blocked can cause damp issues or leaks into your home.

Once the guttering is full, it tends to overspill onto your drive, patio or lawn. You may find yourself constantly sweeping up the debris, and wondering if there is any solution.

Rest assured we are here to help!

Keeping your roof clean:

Using our specialist cleaning equipment and techniques we can safely remove the moss and clear your guttering without walking on the roof causing further damage.

Keeping your roof/guttering clean is an important factor of property maintenance, and unbeknown to many people, is actually a clause in most home insurance policies. In the event of a major leak or roof damage, insurers may look into the condition of the property and if not maintained to a good standard, it can affect or void the claim!

How do we clean the roof?

Our most popular service is a hot-wash and treatment, often called “steam cleaning”. Our specialist van setup heats and pressurises the water at an adjustable rate. For roof work the pressure is turned right down and the heat is turned up. This means the tiles get the best possible clean without damaging them.

The hot-wash system gently removes the moss and most lichens from the tiles surface, leaving a clean and moss free roof. Some lichens and moss spores can remain in the gaps on tiles, but our work is not done yet. We then clear the gutters using a gutter vac, ensuring that downpipes are free of debris and flowing correctly.

A chemical treatment is then applied to the whole roof, via a dosatron system which mixes the chemical to the correct ratio with water. This can be sprayed on or brushed if required.

The following link has all the details on the chemical and application. https://www.labelcompliantbio.org/assets/bioclear-pro-for-roofs.pdf

More information can be found on our website, and pictures or content can be found on our Facebook or instagram pages.

Gutter Clearing:

We offer a gutter clearing service, so if you don’t wish to have your roof cleaned yet, we can keep the important flow of water draining away. Give Kent Property Cleaning a call to discuss this service. We can even put you on our twice yearly rota to maintain the gutters properly.

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