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Many do not realise the importance of getting their gutters regularly cleaned. Kent Property Cleaning offers the most effective and efficient gutter cleaning services there is. Contact us today to make the best use of our swift gutter cleaning equipment and techniques.

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With years of experience when it comes to roof, gutters, and driveway & patio cleaning, Kent Property Cleaning can offer you the best cleaning services and methods out there. With our modern tools and equipment, we can thoroughly and safely clean away.

Following all the current COVID-19 safety measures, we would be happy to visit your property and professionally remove all the dirt, debris, moss, algae, and lichen there is and leave your gutters, roof, and driveways & patios looking better than ever.

With our testimonials and reviews, you can be confident that you’re hiring trustworthy cleaning contractors at an affordable price.

Over time, a lot can build up in your gutters, especially if you have trees near your property. This build-up prevents gutters from doing their important job and causes a variety of issues. Here at Kent Property Cleaning, we will discuss the gutter cleaning services we offer, along with why it’s so important to get your gutters regularly cleaned, and how much it’ll cost. 

What is gutter cleaning?

 For many years, climbing up a ladder with a bucket to remove dirt and leaves from gutters was the usual thing to do. But with an increase of ladder-related injuries and even deaths, this gutter cleaning method has been completely eradicated through the use of modern gutter cleaning technology that Kent Property Cleaning offers.

We can safely, easily, and quickly clean out your gutters from the safety of the ground. But, how do we do that? How can we see what’s in your gutters? And what’s the process of removing the debris from your gutter? Firstly, let’s discuss that first question; how do we clean gutters from the ground? To efficiently clean your gutters, we use the gutter vacuum system. What is this? Using a powerful commercial vacuum connected either to your electricity or our own generator we bring in the van, we can reach up to 50 feet (about 4 stories) gutters.

Connecting a certain amount of gutter vacuum poles together to reach the height of your gutters, we can successfully and swiftly clean out your gutters at a reasonable price. This system works well for both residential and commercial gutter cleaning jobs.

Next, how can we see what’s in your gutters? Due to the increase of technology over the years, gutters cleaners have developed the smart yet simple method of using a small camera at the top of the gutter vacuum poles pointed down into your gutters. This camera is connected normally by Bluetooth to a screen the gutter cleaner has in front of them, allowing them to easily see into your gutters.

At Kent Gutter Cleaning, we use this great method, making it a smooth process when cleaning your gutters. This also makes it possible to see any blockages, damages, and potential dangers with your gutters and roof.

We then use the gutter vac to efficiently remove the debris, dirt, moss, leaves, and other foreign objects in your gutters normally left there by birds and animals. The gutter sucks it all up, and then we can easily empty the gutter and remove the waste from your property. This product from the cleaning also makes a brilliant mulch for gardens, so you’re welcome to request to keep it.

Finally, we’ll run water through all of your gutters to test for any leakages or blockages with your guttering and downpipes. If there are, it’s normally a very simple job of repairing those leaks or fixing the damage.

This whole process is quick, efficient, thorough, but most importantly safe, guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

Why is gutter cleaning so important?

Although being a relatively small and seemingly insignificant part of a building, gutters actually play a vital role in keeping your property in good condition. The gutters work in harmony with your roof to collect and drain away water, protecting your walls, windows, everything in your home and surrounding landscape from water overflow and damage. Therefore, keeping your gutters clean and clear is an absolute must for maintaining the health of your house.

Keeping your gutters clean always increases the look and presentability of either your home or business, and stops the build-up of mould, mildew, fungi, algae, and moss. Not regularly getting your gutters cleaned can result in your gutters becoming a favourable spot for pests to nest. From small to great, these pests can bring a variety of germs and diseases with them, turning your gutters into nasty, unhygienic areas. So, keep the wildlife out by contacting Kent Property Cleaning and get your gutters cleaned asap. As roofs and gutters work together, neglecting one can cause the other to suffer.

Extend your roof’s lifespan for as long as possible in every way by hiring professional gutter cleaners to sort out any gutter-related issues. Water overflow and water damage present dangers to your health as well.

Mould and mildew are often the result of this and can make their way right into your home. This can greatly affect your health, especially if you have lung-related issues.

Lastly, keeping your gutters and roof in good condition increases curb appeal and even the value of your property.

It’s pretty clear then why gutter cleaning is so important. Get in touch with Kent Property Cleaning and we will be happy to assist you with any gutter-related issues you may have. 

How often should you get your gutters cleaned?

If you have a lot of trees surrounding your property, leaves and other debris will quickly build up in your gutters, so it’s best to get them cleared as regularly as possible, once a month in the autumn season. But, if not it’s usually a good idea to get them cleaned out at least once or twice a year. Even if you don’t think there’s much in them, Kent Property Cleaning can still do a routine clean and at the same time, examine the condition of your gutters and roof. If you have gutter guards, you may think that your gutters will require fewer cleans than usual, but this invention is normally a waste of money and doesn’t do a great deal to keep your gutters clear.

How much does gutter cleaning cost?

 Depending on how much guttering you have on your property, gutter cleaning prices are usually fair and reasonable. Residential gutter cleans usually cost below £100. Commercial gutters cleaning usually cost an upward of £100. The cost of regularly cleaning and unblocking your gutters pales into insignificance to the cost of neglecting to do so and having to face expensive repairs due to water damage.

 Contact us to discuss your gutter cleaning needs either by filling out the form, emailing us, or calling us up and we will be more than happy to help you in any way we can.


Here at Kent Property Cleaning, we offer effective and professional roof cleaning services in Kent. Request a quote now!

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