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Kent Property Cleaning has been providing top-quality Driveway & Patio cleaning services to happy customers for years at reasonable prices. Looking after your Driveway and Patio can make a huge difference to both the look and quality of your home. Contact us now to get your Driveway and Patio cleaned professionally and thoroughly.

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With years of experience when it comes to roof, gutters, and driveway & patio cleaning, Kent Property Cleaning can offer you the best cleaning services and methods out there. With our modern tools and equipment, we can thoroughly and safely clean away.

Following all the current COVID-19 safety measures, we would be happy to visit your property and professionally remove all the dirt, debris, moss, algae, and lichen there is and leave your gutters, roof, and driveways & patios looking better than ever.

With our testimonials and reviews, you can be confident that you’re hiring trustworthy cleaning contractors at an affordable price.

Driveways and patios can easily get dirty over time. Years of exposure to the elements can result in your patios and driveways looking a little worse for wear, affecting the entire look of your home.

Here at Kent Property Cleaning, we not only have many years of patio and driveway cleaning experience, but we also have the best equipment, tools, and methods for cleaning your patios and driveways. Using all of this together, we can quickly and thoroughly blast away dirt, stains, debris, mosses, lichen, algae, droppings, and anything else that is making your patios and driveways not look their best.

First, let’s discuss what the patio and driveway cleaning process is.
How will your patios and driveways be cleaned?

Using a powerful pressure washer, we can easily remove large amounts of dirt from your patio and driveway in no time. Different attachments allow us to clean different types of patio and driveway paving, materials, and styles.

Kent Property Cleaning can also efficiently uproot weeds and save hours of scraping away at just the top of weeds. You can apply weed killer before or after the clean if you wish to keep the weeds away for even longer. We can clean away most stains and dirt using just cold water from our pressure washer, especially oil stains from vehicles and cement stains.

This method of patio and driveway cleaning is more environmentally friendly than using chemicals. This method is also much cheaper than having to use chemicals and biocides. Sometimes, however, chemicals are required to get rid of tough stains and achieve the best results, but we always make sure that we follow the correct safety guidelines and survey the area for plants and landscaping that could potentially be harmed during the clean, protecting them from the chemicals.

Certain patio and driveway paving stones have a fine protective layer on them, and the sanding in between the stones can sometimes be quite fragile. Kent Property Cleaning will carefully clean and sustain these sensitive materials without damaging them.

You can opt to have your driveway or patio re-sealed after a clean to maintain its fresh look and keep it from deteriorating. Not only does this process make your patio look better than ever, but it also protects it from the elements and prolongs its life.

Many patio and driveway cleaners use the wrong pressure washing nozzles, leaving an unattractive pattern of dirt on your patio or driveway known as “striping”. However, when you use the correct attachment and cleaning technique, this annoying result can easily be avoided. 

Why should I get my patios and driveway cleaned?

There are a number of reasons why it’s always a good option to get either or both of your patio and driveway cleaned. Cleaning your patio and driveway will increase the look and even possibly the value of your property. Getting your driveway or patio professionally cleaned can make a huge difference.

Having your patio and driveway regularly cleaned can completely transform both the look and feel and curb appeal of your home or property. If your commercial property has a patio or driveway, getting it expertly cleaned often by Kent Property Cleaning will reflect well on your business and attract customers. That makes getting it cleaned a no-brainer.

It’s a much cheaper alternative to replacing your patio or driveway. Many when they move into a new home see an old dirty driveway or patio and immediately think about having them replaced. However, this may not be necessary.

Getting your patio or driveway cleaned by Kent Property Cleaning can dramatically change the appearance of a driveway. You may even prefer the new look of it rather than having a brand new one installed. Plus, it’s far more cost-effective. It prolongs the driveway or patio’s life. Some do not realise that algae and mosses can eat away at the material of your patio or driveway over time.

Weeds and other organic growth can destroy the structure of the protective layers and sand between the stones. Mould and mildew can also build up on your patio and driveway. This will not only result in a bad image but also decrease the life-span of your patio or driveway.

Do not worry though, as Kent Property Cleaning can swiftly clean away those destructive problems. As mentioned above, having your patio or driveway sealed will also considerably extend the life of your patio or driveway.

Possible increase in safety

You may not even think about it, but the build-up of slippery substances such as mould, mildew, algae, and vehicle oil residue can decrease the friction of your driveway and make it a slip hazard. 

How much does patio and driveway cleaning cost?

This largely depends on the surface area of your patio or driveway and whether you require them to be re-sealed or not. However, a generic patio or driveway cleaning job will usually cost around £3 per square meter. Prices may vary, however, so contact Kent Property Cleaning today for a patio or driveway cleaning quote and we’ll get back to as soon as possible.

How often should I get my patio and driveway cleaned?

The number of times you should get your patio and driveway cleaned per year will depend on where they are situated and how much traffic they get. For example, a driveway that gets a lot of pollution, heavy traffic, a lot of use, and possibly above trees (falling leaves and subject to bird droppings) may need to be cleaned 3 to 4 times a year. However, if your patio rarely gets used, and gets regularly washed by rain, then you’ll probably only need it to be cleaned once a year. 

Contact us today either by filling out the form, emailing us, or calling us up and we’d be more than happy to assist you with any patio or driveway cleaning services or advice.


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